Upon confirmation from AHS 10th Street Boxing is required to ensure no more than 25% of our gym capacity.

Fortunately our focus on small class sizes allows us to transition seamlessly.

We continue to only offer an open gym format.  


The Rules

-Masks must be worn at all times in the facility when outside your allotted space

-No mingling or socializing with other members

-Clients must stay in their allotted workout spaces

-No lingering or staying after class for stretching etc.

-No instruction for classes will be supported

-The coach is on site only to ensure guidelines are being followed.

What to Expect

-Log into classes the same as you normally would.

-There will be 6 spots available in each class.

-Each workout space will be clearly market

-Your space will include a heady-bag, skipping rope and Lysol wipes 

-there will be a workout on the whiteboard or you may choose any of the workouts listed on our social media 

-The coach can not be in the main gym giving instruction, these will be self directed workouts. 

-Please wipe down all of your equipment when you have finished 

-please leave the facility immediately after completing your workout


Please wear your mask at anytime in the facility except for when your actively working out. 


Distancing Measures


For high intensity workouts 3-meter distancing is required. To accommodate this requirement, we have reduced our capacity to 6 members per class. Additionally, we will have an X on the floor where each participant should be working.

There is a 15 minute gap between classes. This will reduce the over lap of members in concurrent classes. We ask all members to depart immediately after class to respect the requirement.

We will not have loaner gloves and hand wraps available. Members will be require to have personal equipment. We have gloves and wraps available for purchase at the studio.  



During the 15 minute gap between classes the coach will spray down the 6 bags and all high touch surfaces. Every evening at the end of classes the floors will be mopped, and bathrooms cleaned.


We ask members to not use the showers at this time


 Screening for Symptoms


We have sent out an email notifying all members to please not attend classes even with mild illness. We have asked our coaches to watch members closely and if a member arrives appearing ill (I.e. coughing sneezing fever etc.) they will be asked to leave.  


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


PPE will not be used as we have been advised by AHS that masks may cause more harm during high intensity workouts. We advise members not to use face masks.


We will have hand sanitizer distributed upon entry and exit of the facility.




Ted Reno (Owner) will ensure protocols are being followed. We have a sign in system which allows us to notify any members having been in contact with a possible affected member. If advised by AHS Catherine Reno (Administrator) will contact all members having possibly been exposed.

403-402-2BOX (2269)
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